Mobile Video Solution

Our mobile video communication platform is ready for SMBs and the enterprise.

Customer Loyalty Campaigns

Build on your loyal customer base. Generate sales and participation with video chat capabilities.


Reach out and touch them

When you reach out with video, people listen and take notice. They know you care about them as people, and that matters.


You can make a difference

Build a people centered organization that leverages the skills of your best talent and expertise. Be a resource to your customer, and your customer will trust you.

Agile Technology Empowers the Organization

As the power of mobile devices grows, the opportunities to leverage their enormous computing power becomes increasingly tempting to organizations. There need only be tools that are sufficiently agile and flexible to allow experimentation and innovation.

We offer enterprise technology in a mobile app package that fits budgets and deploys rapidly enough to make an immediate impact.

What is an Inbound Call Center with Video

The inbound call center is the workhorse of modern corporate communications. Married with video, it becomes a very powerful tool for extending the organization remotely without the burden of actual travel. Our all mobile implementation is a tool for businesses to execute on innovative strategies.

Data Integration with Web Services

A complete data integration strategy allows you to leverage many tools at the same time. VSEYO integrates with all major Web platforms: databases, CRMs, sales and marketing applications, mapping applications, mailing tools, as well as most other Web-based services.

Our technology shares critical data with the best offerings on the Internet. Your legacy applications are supported, and you can reach out for new ways to leverage VSEYO generated data.

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Marketing may fill the sales funnel, and the sales department can close a deal, yet it is the overall impression of the enterprise generated by the quality of customer service that differentiates one enterprise from another.

Gartner Group

Reaching Donors

Donors are the lifeblood of every nonprofit organization. Our video communications platform puts you in touch with the people that matter.

Your Eyes and Ears Onsite

Sometimes you need remote expertise onsite. Our call routing capabilities ensure that the right person gets the call.

Empower Your Organization

Busy schedules confound efforts to meet in person. Don't miss out of the chance to meet. Let your customer come to you on his/her own time with inbound call center technology.

Hospitality and Events

Your guests are impressed when you have the technology to care for their needs. We route calls to your local staff down to the meter with GPS technology.